Build Your Own Game sprint, or BYOG for short, are 48 hour game development hackathons being organised in India since 2010.

It is an exercise of pure passion, which is open for participation to anyone and everyone who wants to make games, irrespective of their profession, institution, domain, region or community.

If you want to make games, you should participate in a BYOG. It does not matter if you are a student or not. It does not matter if you do not know game development. If the passion for making games inflames your heart – the BYOG is for you.

It is an exercise in discipline. Can you focus for 48 hours straight on an idea and convert it from just an idea to a playable proof of concept? If yes, then jams like BYOG help you build such proof of concepts, experiment with their playable value, get real feedback on the games and take it forward from there.

Participating in a BYOG is not about prizes or certificates. It is all about the sheer audacity of making a playable proof of concept within 48 hours. It requires you to sacrifice blood, sweat and tears.

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