Break Out

by Prakhar

The engine used for the game is Construct 2. We've used Photoshop for rendering artwork. The game is in HTML 5 format. It can be played on any browser except Chrome. To play the game, open the file 'index'. We'd like to thank the organizers of BYOG for providing this competition to us. This is our very first game. Thank you for the support and time. We'd also thank our college DSK Supinfogame, Pune for providing all the knowledge.

Comments ( 8 )

Alankrith said: this shit doesn,'t work over 4 years ago
Prakhar said: Updated. over 4 years ago
Arpit Sharma said: ok bitch stop aploading it again and again over 4 years ago
Avinaba Mukherjee said: it works, super piece of shit, but a bit difficult over 4 years ago
Ranjan kumar said: dfsdfsd about 4 years ago
Ranjan kumar said: ccxcvvb xcgg fgdf gdfgd ersdrettj xcfvxc about 4 years ago
Alex said: What is this? over 4 years ago
Ranjan kumar said: rtgh dffdgbhn dfdfhfgg dfgd about 4 years ago
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