Chal Jhoote (Go away Liar)

by chinchang

Cute lil game revolving around Truth & Lies. You are some investigating people to find out who has got the missing key. Inspect them, some will say the truth and some lies. Process the data in your brain and figure out whos the culprit.

Come play this thrilling game :

Note: I have testing it on Chrome only :)

Comments ( 5 )

neozerahan said: Nice game!! loved the visuals too! over 4 years ago
Kapil said: Ye old logic puzzles, randomized :D Even though the idea was simple, i liked how you implemented it. over 4 years ago
kinshuk said: Nifty! Some audio would have added great value :D over 4 years ago
Alex said: Nice but boring after a while. over 4 years ago
chinchang said: Thanks for playing guyz :) over 4 years ago
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