B.O.H.R. - Beats Octaves Harmonics Rhythm

by Null Artist Exception

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Themes Used: Loop + Sound Synaesthesia

B.O.H.R. is a musical action twitch video game in which your gameplay experience is based on the music you select. The aim of the game is to get the highest possible score.

Engine: Unity3D Platform: PC

Controls: Right Control/Right Click : Change Ball's Revolution Direction Space/Left Click: Jump Ball

Use Mouse to navigate through the UI


Practice : Where you can test the controls and get the hang of the game before beginning the game.

Stay On Track : In this mode you need to stay on the unlit ring as long as you can, the longer you stay the higher the score.The unlit ring changes accordingly and you have to keep moving to score.

Hit The Note : In this mode musical notes will come up from centre of the screen based on music, collect the notes to get score. The farther you collect the note from the centre, the higher the score.

Groove On : This is a no holds barred mode, in which you can just enjoy your favourite music track and have fun.

Comments ( 23 )

Jade786 said: Awesome Game :) over 4 years ago
Brett said: over 4 years ago
Brett said: Super Hexagon with a circle. over 4 years ago
paras238 said: Hi Brett, We (the developers) are a big fan of Super Hexagon, and honestly you're not the first one who has pointed the first look resemblance. But apart from the level of difficulty and mad reaction times, the gameplay of BOHR is completely different from it. It is more about the musical experience than obstacle avoidance and the controls are entirely difficult. We would be uploading a gameplay video soon to demonstrate the feel of the game. over 4 years ago
paras238 said: controls are entirely different* :P over 4 years ago
Kapil said: Great game! Loved the badlands track. Also there's a bug - after playing a track, the mouse gets hidden, so have to restart the game to play another track/mode. Was in windowed, stay on track mode. over 4 years ago
paras238 said: Yes, we came to know about this bug after submission. We'll fix this in a later build. Thanks for pointing it out though. over 4 years ago
Mithun Balraj said: Hey guys! I really, really like how this looks! In a way, it reminds me of those little ball games that you'd get on pencil boxes back in the 1st grade, was that a conscious decision you made? :D Do you plan to move this over to a touch device? When I initially saw the gameplay video, I took it for granted that this was intended to run on one (again, moving those little metal balls around!) I also really like the simple, clean look you've gone for. Can't wait to give it a try (although that's probably going to take a week or two) Will have more feedback when I do though :) over 4 years ago
paras238 said: Thanks Mithun! I don't know how you did it but you've figured out half of the philosophy with which we started working on this project.We too had that "pencil box" feeling among some others, when the final look started to unfold. We intended to deliver an apk and ipa for our game as well, but we were facing optimization issues which weren't possible to resolve in such short time. So this idea was dropped. We are facinated by simplistic art and, but the main reason we had a minimalistic art was because we didn't have any artist in our team :P. Anyways, thanks again for the kind words man :D over 4 years ago
paras238 said: The annoying mouse cursor bug of B.O.H.R. has been fixed and the updated build is available on the same dropbox link (in the description). The official submission though, remains the same. :) over 4 years ago
kinshuk said: this plays out fun.. i wish you guys would have gone more psy with the colors ;) over 4 years ago
paras238 said: @kinshuk... that is what we tried to do with the dark theme. over 4 years ago
Anirudh said: Anyone can copy a game,give it a new look and call it their own game. Period. over 4 years ago
paras238 said: Hi anirudh, could you please elaborate on the game that you feel that we have allegedly copied? over 4 years ago
Chirag Chopra said: This is my favourite! Put on your headphones and enjoy! over 4 years ago
Alex said: This is a good game. Considering the fact that it's been made out of a good game. So yes, it's a good game based on a good game. over 4 years ago
paras238 said: Well, if you're are inspired by something, it shows in your work. The trick is to come up with something original using them. We also have a long list of games that have inspired us over the years, a couple of which have helped us to shape up this game. In no way are the mechanics or objectives of BOHR similar to these inspirations. But even after that, the moment you play this game, you know that the developers are in love with Super Hexagon and Audiosurf. I think that is inspiration done right. over 4 years ago
Alex said: No my friend, that's a copy done right. What original did you put in this 'already good' concept, if I may ask? over 4 years ago
paras238 said: So you are trying to convey that all subsequent platformers are a clone/copy of the concept of mario? Anyways, I need not stress on the originality of this concept. Someone who understands the concept of the game will definitely get the distinction it holds when compared to any other game in its genre over 4 years ago
kinshuk said: Can you share team details? over 4 years ago
paras238 said: Paras Chaudhary User: paras238 Pratik Sharma User: jade786 over 4 years ago
KillStreak said: Fun! over 4 years ago
Pawan_Godfather2595 said: i downloaded ur game it seems has i saw ur game in NGDC we could select our own music form the library but i am not able to do in the game over 4 years ago
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