by Paradox

Engine: Construct 2

Platform: PC

Controls: Use 'LEFT CLICK' to play.


1) Normal Mode: 5 Levels with objective of collecting all the cubes in 3 clicks. Think then act!

2) Survivor Mode: How long can you survive and score in 60 seconds! Collect as many cubes as you can! Act then think!


1) Unrar the BYOGAME#18.RAR file to computer.

2) Open BYOGAME#18 folder.

3) Run byogame#18.exe to play the game.


1) In Level 3 in Normal Mode, the lose screen doesn't show 'Restart' and 'Go to Menu' when you collide with balls or you run out of clicks.

2) In Survivor Mode, the Blue player cube cannot collect the slow down powerup (clock).

3) Sometimes when you restart any level in Normal Mode, the game might freeze. Try pressing the Pause button (bottom center of screen) and it shall start working again.

The game's native resolution is 1280x720

Comments ( 8 )

kinshuk said: What themes is this game based on? over 4 years ago
Chirag Chopra said: Loop and Synesthesia. over 4 years ago
theManikJindal said: Liked it. Liked the level of challenge given out. over 4 years ago
Rahul said: I really like the concept of this game. It's so simple yet so challenging. This can even work better on touch platforms. 1 control yet endless possibilities. I wish you good luck! over 4 years ago
paras238 said: You should think about expanding the target platform to mobile devices. One-touch games are a big sell in the mobile market over 4 years ago
Chirag Chopra said: @Rahul: Thank you! @Paras238: That's the plan! Thanks for your feedback! over 4 years ago
Alex said: Hmm..good game, to start with. There are some bugs but it was built in 48 hours so that's acceptable. Overall, there's a lot of things you can do with this concept and you prove me right by making 2 modes with different mechanics. Good job! over 4 years ago
KillStreak said: Challenging yet fun! over 4 years ago
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