An ounce of Solinium

by AllinaDaysPlay

Solinium is a fast paced action arcade game. You play as Miner42 in his quest to collect the unobtainable mineral Solinium from the mines, while staying away from the land mines in his path.

Will Miner42 be able to do the impossible? Only you know the answer.

Mine(s) is one half of our theme. The other is Loop. Loop denotes the pattern of gameplay in Solinium. Everything moves around the mineshaft in random loops, so the player has to adapt a loopy movement pattern to survive.

Solinium has been developed with Construct2, and is available for web as an HTML5 game. It will be ported to iOS and Android in the days to come.

We would like to thank NASSCOM and for this wonderful opportunity. This has been a great learning experience. And we hope you have as much fun playing it, as we have had making this game.

Comments ( 8 )

paras238 said: Hi, The gameplay is really interesting. you should consider working on a bigger, more polished revision of it in the future. It'll be awesome :D over 4 years ago
Abhinav Sarangi said: Hi Paras, 1 of the developers here, thanks for the encouraging words. I hope you had fun playing the game. We have already made plans for extending this. We have a story planned out, we will add levels and more mechanics to the game, and polish. We hope to bring this out to iOS and Android in the next couple of months. over 4 years ago
Kapil said: Nice mechanics for a casual game. Would love to see it on android. over 4 years ago
Abhinav Sarangi said: @Kapil, iOS and Android porting is next on the list. We will introduce some new mechanics and more levels. over 4 years ago
Alex said: Nice concept. But it gets boring after a while. over 4 years ago
Abhinav Sarangi said: @Alex, does it get boring because it is too easy or too difficult? We were not able to balance difficulty within the 48 hours, so your feedback on difficulty will be very useful. over 4 years ago
chinchang said: Nice concept. Few suggestions: - The movement could have been a lil' more smoother. Too shaky right now. - Block generation logic is too random which makes me wait for the right ones to generate. - More polish on small things. over 4 years ago
KillStreak said: Nice concept! over 4 years ago
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