Close your eyes

by Team Chaussette

The two themes we decided to based our game on are loop and synesthesia.

This game is a kind of experience game in which you'll have to go through memories of a person. It is the objective of the game: see all the memories he has.

As far as the game mainly uses the sound to be played, be sure that you have headphones.


Clic on download above and copy-paste the link displayed. We were not able to submit the game otherwise.

Comments ( 5 )

azerty said: Trailer of the game : over 4 years ago
kinshuk said: I loved this game. Somehow, it constantly reminded me of my own experiences and Dear Esther over 4 years ago
Rahul said: This is something different! over 4 years ago
Alex said: Good job on the 3D art. I seriously love playing these kind of games. over 4 years ago
KillStreak said: Nice game over 4 years ago
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